The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

I finished this book yesterday after devouring it furiously! If you like psychological thrillers and are ready for the next level…this is the book for you!

The Gardner looks and behaves like a “normal”, well put together, successful man with a wife and two sons… and a “garden”. I guarantee this garden is not like ANYTHING you’ve ever seen or heard of. His collection of “butterflies” with make you quiver! You are guaranteed to get goosebumps! Maya is 17 and grew up neglected and lonely in and out of homes. One day, she unwillingly becomes part of this butterfly garden. Will she ever escape? What about the others?

Just when you thought you’ve gasped your last breath when reading it, you’re wrong! Keep reading. As twisted as you think it all is, you wont be able to put it down!!!

“What choice are you making, Desmond?”

“I don’t think I’m making any choice right now.”

“Then you’re automatically making the wrong ones.” He straightened, mouth open to protest, but I held up my hand. “Not making a choice is a choice. Neutrality is a concept, not a fact. No one actually gets to live their lives that way.”

― Dot Hutchison, The Butterfly Garden



  1. This was such a dark and twisted book but I loved it!
    The funny thing is that the only reason I even found and read this book was because it was free to listen to on kindle unlimited.


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