The Night Child by Anna Quinn ♡Happy Release Day♡


And here’s another truth— ultimately, you are the one who will save you. Not me. You. You’ll have to work hard . Harder than you’ve ever worked on anything in your life. I can support you, advise you, but in the end, you are the one who will reconstruct the broken pieces, patch the cracks. You will make the choice to transcend this—whatever it is.”

“And for the record, most of what I know comes from my life, not school. Don’t you think for a moment I haven’t had my share of hell.”

“You’ve been guarding this secret for a lifetime, Nora,” he says gently. “You don’t have to anymore. You don’t need to. It’s the secrets that make us sick; it’s the telling that heals.”

Anna Quinn has done an Amazing job with this book. It is a beautifully written story about some not so beautiful things.  A story of strength, recovery,  and accepting your past and everything inside of you. 

The Night Child is about Nora; wife, mother,  teacher. Despite watching her mother die as a young girl and being left by her father, she doesn’t feel broken. She has accepted everything… Or so she thought.  The first time she sees the girls face she convinces herself she imagined it, but when it happens again she decides she needs to talk to someone.  However talking is bringing up things she never imagined.  She soon finds herself torn apart and her world falling to pieces, until she faces it she can’t heal.

I’ll admit that this book was a little bit of a challenge for me personally. I never wanted to stop reading but I had to put in down a few times.  The way the author discussed the subjects was appropriate as well as feeling completely real in the way flashbacks can happen at times, with seemingly meaningless objects or phrases as triggers. This is a book everyone should read but not everyone will be able to read.  I absolutely loved this book! 

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