The Stepmother by Claire Seeber ❤️ @claireseeber @bookouture

“It took me a lifetime to understand that, all too often, people are just plain nasty. They can’t see beyond their own stuff. They’re scarred forever, and they want to take you down too.”

Book summary…

The perfect wife. A fairytale family. Don’t believe your eyes.

Jeanie and Matthew are a happily married couple who both have teenage children from previous relationships.

No one said it would be easy to raise a blended family under one roof but Jeanie and Matthew are strong. They will make it work.

And whilst Jeanie’s step-daughter Scarlett rejects her, Jeanie will just have to try harder to win her over.

But Jeanie has a past. A terrible secret she thought she’d buried a long time ago. And now, it’s coming to the surface, threatening to destroy her new marriage.

Someone is playing a terrifying game on Jeanie and she must put a stop to it once and for all.

After all, a fairytale needs a happy ending, doesn’t it?

Our Review…

Jeanie just wants a cookie cutter life, a good man, a happy marriage, life with her son and new step children. She knows the feeling that she doesn’t belong in her new house and new family will disappear eventually. She knows she has everything to be happy about. But she can’t seem to ignore the niggling feeling that she is living in a haunted house, someone is out to get her, and she will never win her step daughter Scarlett’s approval!

Things go from bad to worse as she is feeling herself go mad over odd happenings in the house (like voices, noise, dead birds, misplaced items she can’t explain…) with Jeanie’s past lingering close to the edge of publicity, she is in constant fear that Her life will be ruined.

As the story of her marriage, her wicked step daughter Scarlett, and her stand offish sister whom she can’t rely on, begin to unfold, the reader will quickly learn that someone is to blame for making Jeanie feel like she’s going crazy… but who?

Seeber does make it seem like it could be any one of the these cast of characters! Very suspenseful and well written!

About the author…

Claire Seeber

Claire Seeber is a Londoner who started professional life as a (bad) actress and became a documentary maker, a journalist and a writer of, so far, psychological thrillers. The Washington Post said ‘The opening pages of LULLABY couldn’t be much better’; The Observer said of her first novel: ‘a disturbing debut’ whilst The Guardian called it ‘powerful’…she keeps writing whilst also studying psychology and (trying to) to manage a home of slightly feral kids and animals. Luckily she’s got a very nice partner to help too. NB Claire loves America: she’s been to New York a few times, to LA, San Fran, Miami (loved South Beach) & Oklahoma. There’s so much more to see though 🙂

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  1. Great review!!
    I really enjoyed this book!! I got the feeling of Deja vu when reading it though.
    I think it might have been similar to something else I have read. I just cant remember what lol.


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