American vs. UK Lingo for Readers ❤️📚 A Readers Guide ❤️📚

Any avid reader will tell you that if you are an American born reader of books written by a U.K. Author, learning the lingo can be fun and challenging! So after reading hundreds and hundreds of books by some of my most favorite U.K. Authors, I’ve decided to make this handy list of “translations” (more so because I love this lingo and find myself speaking in an English accent using these same phrases)! If you have also done this, leave a comment and let me know I’m not alone! If you can think of others, comment below!  Lol ok here goes…

If you make too many trips to the LOO…

You have to go to the bathroom a lot!

Pop to the supermarket to pick up a few bits…

Make a trip to the market to pick up a few things

You’ll need a brolly outside today!

It’s raining… bring your umbrella!

I’ll pop by for a cuppa later…

I’ll come by later for a cup of coffee

Her friend said that she needs to go sort herself out!

Get it together woman!

Oh, that was so cheeky of you!

Well, that was rude!

I’m hungry for dinner because I’ve only had a spot of lunch.

I had a small lunch.

Well that lot was mighty dim!

That bunch of people were lacking intelligence.

I am feeling poorly today.

I am sick today.

I am going full monty on that project!

I am pursuing that project to the fullest!

Get the kitchen roll and clean that mess.

Use the paper towels to clean your mess.

I was so miffed at her for saying that!

I was annoyed at her!

Clean your room straight away!

Do it now!

It was his time to pop his clogs…

He’s dead

That’s a load of poppycock!

That’s bull shit!

She pulled her hair into a bobble…


Snuggle under the duve


Everything is tickety boo

Everything is in order

“Sod you”

Screw you!

That is Ace!


You are so blinkered!

Narrow minded

That book was Brill…


He’s a bender.

Derogatory term for homosexual

Sit on your bum.

Sit on your butt or ass!

That book was barmy!



so pleased!

Bugger off!

Get lost!

That was a cracking time!

a great time!

Don’t be so cheeky!

Don’t be so flippant!

That bloke was dodgy!

That guy was sketchy.

You have a crusty dragon!


He was so gobsmacked!


She was being a daft cow!

stupid woman!

Don’t be so gormless!


She was fagged by that comment!

She was disturbed or bothered

I’m going to pop up for a kip.

Going to take a nap.

That story was a bunch of rubbish.


What a smashing review!


I was knackered after that day!


I’m about to lose the plot!

Go crazy!

She likes to waffle on…

go on about nothing.

He’s on the piss again..

Binge drinking.

He threw quite the wobbler.

Temper tantrum

Stop telling porkies.


That chair looks kind of wonky.

shaky or unstable

She’s snookered!

in a bad situation

I’m zonked.


Pain in the arse!


He stuffed her in the boot.





  1. “Are you taking a piss out of me? Well, William, wind your neck in ’cause I ain’t no grass.”

    I read the above in a book early last year and I’ve been practicing it, British accent of course, ever since but haven’t had the opportunity to use it.

    Taking the piss – (I might have written it incorrectly above) means are you ‘kidding, mocking or joking’? That’s the gist of it.
    Wind your neck in – I’m pretty sure it means ‘get your face out of my face’ . You would do that by winding your neck in.
    I ain’t no grass – ‘I’m no snitch.’ ‘I’m not a rat’.

    I happened upon ‘she’s proper tranquil’ in another book and I think it means ‘she’s cool’.

    I’m fascinated by the lingo but I find it draining maintaining a British accent while speaking proper English. I could do with a spot of tea and some digestives 😀

    Feel free to point out any errors I may have made.

    P.S. Crusty dragon had my sides hurting 😂

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