The New Neighbors by Simon Lelic 📚Release Day 4-10-18 📚 @Simon_Lelic @berkleypub

Everything worth having has a price attached. It’s just a question of how and when you’re made to pay.

The perfect couple. The perfect house. The perfect crime.

Londoners Jack and Syd found their dream home: lots of space, a great location, and a friendly owner who wanted a young couple to have it.

Everything is exactly what they hoped for when they move in–except Jack makes a disturbing discovery in the attic, and Syd begins to wonder about the girl next door. And they each keep the other in the dark.

A Mistake.

Because someone has just been killed outside their back door, and now the police are watching them.

This is their chance to prove they’re innocent–or to get away with murder.

Whose story do you believe?

We read psychological thrillers like some people drink their morning coffee.. fast and furious! There are components to thrillers that are the same across the board…i.e. Someone feels like they are going crazy, mysterious and unexplained things happen, multiple people could be to blame etc…. what we LOVED about this thriller was the unique way it was told.

At first, I had to reread the beginning pages as they could definitely confuse the reader if your not 100% focused. So don’t go to the hair salon and start this book! But very quickly, the plot thickens and you are hooked. Like the description indicates, Syd and Jack are new to the neighborhood. Jack finds something disturbing in the attic and Syd discovers something disturbing about their neighbor. Secrets are being kept, lies are being told, and all the while… more plot thickening events develop.

Simon Lelic’s unique writing style added to the love we have for this thriller! Some reviewers complained about the multiple plots but we found the way he tied them all together was genius!

All in all, Lelic wrote a fantastic, unique, twisty tale of what can happen when a relationship isn’t built on trust, your past comes back to haunt you, and it seems like everyone is out to get you when all along you have the real story all laid out! Why is it so hard to believe?

I would definitely recommend this book to people who thoroughly enjoy a twisted tale that because of its believability, seems even scarier to comprehend! We look forward to reading more from Simon Lelic!

Simon Lelic is the author of The New Neighbors, A Thousand Cuts (winner of a Betty Trask Award and shortlisted for the John Creasy New Blood Dagger), The Facility and The Child Who (longlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger and CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger 2012).

The New Neighbors is his first psychological thriller, inspired by a love of Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King.

Simon is married, with three young children, and lives in Brighton, England. Other than his family, reading is Simon’s biggest passion. He also holds a black belt in karate, in which he trains daily.




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