The Girl on Gander Green Lane by M J Hardy ~ Publication Date 4/6/19 ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #psychologicalthriller


When a perfect marriage, the perfect husband and perfect life is nothing but an illusion.

Sarah Standon is living the dream, at least that’s what everyone tells her.
She is the wife of a successful solicitor who looks like a movie star.
They live a Stepford existence and appear to have it all.

Then one fateful night everything changes.

A terrible accident leaves Sarah alone to deal with a situation so frightening she starts to question her grip on reality.
Her perfect life has been exposed as the lie it always was and she loses everything.

She thought that was the worst that could happen. She was wrong.


This was one of the most heart-pounding thrillers I’ve ever read. It’s super fast paced, intense, and will no doubt make your blood boil! While fast paced, I still found myself having to physically put it down to catch my breath because it was so crazy! I just loved it!

M J Hardy managed to create one suspenseful twist after another. It’s the kind of plot that makes readers scream as though the characters can hear you through the pages!

This is the ultimate Behind Closed Doors meets Sleeping with the Enemy!

But the ending… I need therapy in order to deal with it! I am left with so many questions. If you are looking for a story that delivers the kind of revenge and bitter sweet ending tied with a neat bow… this isn’t for you. It is the kind of ending that messes with your mind. This one is for true psychological thriller readers!

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M J Hardy

Welcome to my Author page. The Girl on Gander Green Lane is my first ever Thriller and I am overwhelmed how well it has done. It has reached the top 100 in the UK and the top 300 in the US. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. 

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My next book will be released in June so please look out for that.





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