📚July 2022 Must Read Book Recommendations📚

July was an amazing month of reading! Here is a quick summary of my favs…

Just Tyrus: a memoir. This audiobook was narrated by Tyrus himself. Tyrus is a professional wrestler, bodyguard for some of the rich and famous, and most recently a Fox 5 news contributor. He has an amazing life story and is a great exemplar of someone who rose above the hardships in his life. His story is inspiring.

Look Closer by David Ellis: When what seems like a perfectly normal life and a perfect average marriage turns out to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride after it is suspected that one of them could be a murderer… this thriller turns into a page turning must read!

The Measure By Nikki Erlick: WOW! This book still has me up at night thinking. Imagine waking up and finding a box on your front porch that will change your life forever. A single string. No explanation. Imagine everyone in your entire community, town, state, country, world receives a box too. When people begin to create their own narrative about what the string must mean, everyone begins to jump to conclusions, assume their fate, and judge others. The string becomes a political issue and rapidly starts to divide people. What truths does the string really hold? Who is behind it? What parallels can we see in our own world today? It’s damn scary I tell you. READ IT!

The It Girl by Ruth Ware: I haven’t read a book by Ruth Ware that I didn’t LOVE. The It Girl was no different! this just isn’t any murder mystery. The decades old unsolved murder is just the beginning. The secrets, lies, and intentions of everyone involved slowly begin to surface and your mind will spin as you try to put it all together. Most likely you’ll think you’ve figured it out but I suspect you’ll be wrong. It’s fabulous!

What She Knew by Miranda Rijks: Another smash hit by Rijks! What’s better than a story that takes place in a perfect community where everyone seems happy and all things are …. just so but begins to come apart at the seams after a deadly hit-and-run threatens to uncover secrets and lies! Rijks is a master storyteller! I am definitely a forever fan!

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult: Get the tissues ready. This is the story that will tug on your heart strings. Daniel is the proudest father to teenage Trixie. He lives for the memories of her childhood and makes it clear that he would give his life for her. As Trixie gets older and teenage habits and priorities change, Daniel feels like he’s losing her. When He finds Trixie on the floor in the bathroom crying hysterically one day… their lives change forever.

Ask for Andrea by Noelle W. Ihli: WOW this thriller was amazing. Written from the unique perspective of three murdered women who find each other “on the other side”… this murder/serial rapist mystery thriller will keep you guessing until the end!

The Atonement by Kiersten Modglin (Book 3 in The Arrangement Series): Honestly, if you haven’t read Modglin’s book “The Arrangement” and you call yourself a lover of psychological thrillers, you need to go right now to get this book series. The characters are so off the charts and the plot is so unbelievably twisted. It’s one of the best thrillers written.

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📚Must Read Book Recommendations📚



  1. My review on my public library site for Look Closer was that in a book of scammers the biggest one is the author!Also don’t read The It Girl immediately after Wrong Place Wrong Time(the better book imo)they are too similar.


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