Five Unforgivable Things by Vivien Brown ~ Publication Day 7-26-18 @harperimpulse @vivbrownauthor

One family torn apart by secrets and betrayals. Perfect for fans of Sue Fortin.

Over twenty years ago, Kate’s dream came true. After years of struggling, she was finally pregnant after pioneering IVF. But the dream came at a cost. Neither Kate nor her husband, Dan, could have known the price that they would have to pay to fulfil their cherished wish of having their own family.

Now, years later, their daughter Natalie is getting married and she’s fulfilling her own dream of marrying her childhood sweetheart. Natalie knows she won’t be like most brides in her wheelchair, but it’s the fact her father won’t be there to walk her down the aisle that breaks her heart.

Her siblings, Ollie, Beth and Jenny, gather around Natalie, but it isn’t just their father who is missing from their lives… as the secrets that have fractured the family rise to the surface, can they learn to forgive each other before it’s too late?

I absolutely LOVED this book beyond words! This was a heart gripping story about the trials and tribulations, the joy and heartache, the love and loss of a family. From the unique way that Dan and Kate met in the early 1980’s and the desire for them to marry and have children together down to the struggles they endured during IVF treatments and the family they managed to have, you will be captured by their story.

The way this book was organized into 5 parts or “unforgivable things” made reading it so natural. It was as if I was part of this family myself, a sister to Jenny, Natalie, Beth and Ollie, daughter to Kate, wife to Dan. It was an emotional rollercoaster that left me not wanting to turn the last page!

Often the reader identifies with a character from the story they read making it real for them. This story was so unique for me because I related to Kate as a mother, Natalie, Beth, Jenny, and Oliver as siblings, and even Laura (Ollies wife). Viven Brown did such an amazing job placing me in the story. I always felt like I was there with them. When they were cooking in the kitchen, I felt like I could smell the aroma. When they were in their small house with 3 crying babies and in the middle arguing about money and family time, I felt the utter hopelessness that Kate felt.

Viven Brown balanced the heartache and tragedy with joy and unconditional love that brought this family together, perfectly! And side note…. she did an unbelievable job keeping the reader in suspense as to the story behind Jenny. I won’t say any more. Just read it!

I just can’t say enough about this book. I loved Viven Brown’s style of writing! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vivien Brown lives in Uxbridge, on the outskirts of London, with her husband and two cats. After a career in banking and accountancy and the birth of her twin daughters, she gave up working with numbers and moved into working with words and has never looked back.


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Thank you Vivien Brown and Netgalley for this ARC! We LOVED IT!



  1. Oh wow!Thank you so much for this fantastic and really unexpected review! I am overwhelmed. So glad you enjoyed it, and I really hope others will too.

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