Into the Abyss: Vault of Verona by Marissa Price 

Two Girls and a Book Obsession

Well that’s the least of our worries just now dear,” nurse said in an urgent low voice. “We have a chapel full of people waiting for a wedding, a groom who appears to be dead, and a bride in love with another man”.

I hated learning about Shakespeare in HS. I don’t remember anything useful about it. But this book… I LOVED and learned more about Shakespeare from reading this adorable modern day twist on Romeo and Juliet than I ever learned from studying the play!

Marissa price is so talented, she made the characters in Romeo and Juliet seem like present day teenagers with relatable issues facing teens today… overbearing parent problems, love triangles, deceit, suspense, school, and adventure! What a great fast paced story that any teenager would sure to love!

“Harriet firmly believed that if you wanted something badly enough, and if you worked hard enough…

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