Six Weeks to Live by Catherine McKenzie @CEMcKenzie1 @atriabooks Release Date 5-4-21


Jennifer Barnes never expected the shocking news she received at a routine doctor’s appointment: she has a terminal brain tumor—and only six weeks left to live.

While stunned by the diagnosis, the forty-eight-year-old mother decides to spend what little time she has left with her family—her adult triplets and twin grandsons—close by her side. But when she realizes she was possibly poisoned a year earlier, she’s determined to discover who might have tried to get rid of her before she’s gone for good.

Separated from her husband and with a contentious divorce in progress, Jennifer focuses her suspicions on her soon-to-be ex. Meanwhile, her daughters are each processing the news differently. Calm medical student Emily is there for whatever Jennifer needs. Moody scientist Aline, who keeps her mother at arm’s length, nonetheless agrees to help with the investigation. Even imprudent Miranda, who has recently had to move back home, is being unusually solicitous.

But with her daughters doubting her campaign against their father, Jennifer can’t help but wonder if the poisoning is all in her head—or if there’s someone else who wanted her dead.

I am a huge fan of Catherine McKenzie. I started this book with trembling fingers because I knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride. The first half of the book, I spent a lot of time hating the cast of characters (ungrateful daughters & a despicable ex husband/father). I believe McKenzie created this cast of characters with great purpose. Three grown women in their early 20’s find out their mother, Jennifer, is dying. Their flippant attitude and unremarkable reaction was more than annoying! As if Jennifer’s own children and her ex husband weren’t disgusting enough, her own mother was retched.

I have to admit, I turned pages quickly and felt it difficult to bond with the characters but then the second half of the book….

A shocking set of twists and shocking ending made this book a highly recommend! Never saw it coming!

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