Behind Locked Doors by P.L. Seawright

This was a beautiful story… it has it all… LOVE, PERSEVERANCE, FRIENDSHIP, and FORGIVENESS sprinkled with a bit of suspense!

Charlie sustained a traumatic Brian injury in her late 20’s that left her unable to express herself, unable to process information, and feeling alone. Can you imagine waking up in a hospital 2 and 1/2 years later with all of the thoughts articulated in your mind but unable to express them?

When tragedy strikes, you can be sure that your true friends and family will stick by your side no matter what. You will probably be surprised to find out who loves Charlie unconditionally and who selfishly abandoned her in her time of need.

P.L. Seawright uses her background knowledge as a speech pathologist to paint a vivid, true and realistic picture of what it is like to be the victim of TBI but also what it’s like to be the loved one of the victim too.


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