The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian

“Maybe if they thought you were a witness to something. But it’s not like you’re hiding one of their girls in your guest room. It’s not like one’s hanging around in your sunroom”

If you were a secure woman, wife of a loving husband, mother of a young impressionable daughter, and a successful teacher would you think twice about your husband attending a bachelor party for his younger brother knowing there would probably be a few strippers there?  What if your husband hosted said party?

What if everything went horribly wrong at said party and your husband made some horrible mistakes; things went horribly wrong in the very house you raise your child in, eat dinner together in, sleep in! Is it what you think happened? Probably not. Can your love for him overcome? Hmmm….

You should definitely read this one if you love suspense, mystery, deceit, blackmail and characters that you LOVE to HATE and HATE to LOVE!


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