Friend Request by Laura Marshall

“And it’s true; I did do all that. I ignored her, I let her down. What Tim doesn’t know is that I also did something else. Something much, much worse.”

“Run as fast as you like Louise. Every wound leaves a scar. Just ask Esther Harcourt”

“If one of us falls, then what is left is not a family at all.”

How far would you go to secure your spot on the socially elite ladder in HS? Would you…

1) Chase the most popular kids around doing whatever they told you to do and say?

2)  Dress how they dress, eat what they eat, smoke what they smoke?

3) Ignore, torment, shame the “have nots” just to please? You do want in their circle right?

4) Would you Kill????? 

Don’t worry, everyone does something their not proud of in HS right? I mean life goes on, people grow up, get married, have kids, etc. etc. right?

Well maybe you should ask Maria Weston that question as you read this page turner! It will make you think about what to put on social media that’s for sure!!!

My heart is still racing and I finished this book yesterday! 

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