My Mother, The Liar by Ann Troup~❤️Release Day 2-12-18 📚@troupann @HQDigitalUK

“But something had changed; things had started to unravel. The past and the future were colliding unpleasantly in her mind, creating disorder and confusion. It felt like as soon as one disaster was cleared up, another was about to happen.”

Every family has its secrets…

From the author of The Lost Child, and The Forgotten Room.


Two dead bodies. A lifetime of secrets.

When Rachel Porter’s estranged mother dies, she returns to her family home filled with dread about having to face her past, and the people who populated it.

Little does she know that there are dead bodies waiting to be discovered, and a lifetime of secrets are about to untangle.

Secrets kept by her mother, the liar.

Our Review…

Dysfunctional family is the greatest understatement of the century!!! In this fast paced story about a crazy family, their supposed friends, their neighbors and a few dead bodies, Ann Troup manages to keep the reader hanging until the last page!

Even when I thought I figured out who was to blame, and believe me when I say… there are more people to blame in this book than I ever imagined possible, I kept changing my theories until the end! I felt like I stood at the start of a road that forked in 50 ways. My mind wondered down one path, only to be ripped back to the beginning and sent spiraling down the next.. repeatedly! Whoa…

A twisted, unputdownable, suspenseful, mystery spanning decades will most definitely have you gasping in disbelief!

We are looking forward to reading more books from Ann Troup! Highly recommend!

About the Author..

Ann Troup

Ann lives in Devon in a little house by the sea which she shares with her husband and a small white dog who believes himself to be in charge. With his reluctant permission she is sometimes allowed to be inattentive to him and write books. She drinks too much coffee, follows the Miss Havisham guide to housekeeping and can kill a houseplant at twenty paces just with the power of her thoughts.

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