Bulletproof Proposal ~ A Novelette ~ by Rebekah Louise @RebekahB4 ❤️


After five years of dating, Lisa is anticipating that all-important question, ‘Will you marry me?’

Impatient, Lisa decides to take matters into her own hands and proposes to Matt, after all, it is the 21st Century.

Only she takes it one step further and with the help of her best friend Mandy, she prepares the ultimate proposal.

What she doesn’t know is whether this will be the beginning of her happily-ever- after or the beginning of the end.


Our Review…

If you’re looking for a quick read (2 hours-ish) heartwarming love story, this is the one! Read this story! Very cute! We loved how Lisa takes matters into her own hands and plans her entire wedding with the hopes that Matt will say “yes” upon her proposal!

She relies on her friend Mandy, her mom & dad, and even her “soon-to-be” mother in-law to help her pull this off! From a wedding dress to a venue, Lisa thinks this might just be a bulletproof proposal!

Or will it? Will Matt be overjoyed or leave her at the alter?

A very cute novelette! And dare we say… with a twist of events and maybe a different outcome… this could be the start of a thrilling novel? Hmmmm????

A Valentine’s Day Freebie!

About the Author …

Rebekah Louise is 33, and lives in Worcestershire with her husband and young son. When she is not busy chasing her son around or writing, she enjoys reading, Pilates, fitness classes and spending time with family and friends, preferably in cafes sampling the coffees and cakes.   The Bulletproof Proposal is Rebekah’s second book. Her first book Love, Life & Dreams is a collection of short stories and is also available on Amazon.   If you enjoyed The Bulletproof Proposal, please encourage your friends and family to read the book and don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon. Thank you for your support.

For more information about the author Rebekah Louise visit:

Website: rebekahlouiseauthor.co.uk  Facebook: fb.me RebekahLouiseOfficial

Twitter: @RebekahBe4

Instagram: @rebekahlouiseauthor Pinterest: pinterest.com/rebekahlouiseauthor


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