41 Things only bookish people understand

1. Your bookshelf says we belong together


3. Book gang

4. I think I’m coming down with something

5. True story

6. Book’s a girls best friend

7. Book’s make it better

8. I need a full time reading job

9. I will not read while are talking…i will not read while they are talking…

10. Bookish wedding!

11. Getting lost in worlds that weren’t my own with characters I loved

12. And so many more

13. I’d be a super model

14. Makes a great book even better


16. Bookish version of “I have nothing to wear”

17. I don’t think we can be friends

18. Just one more chapter

19. Did you see the size of his library?!

20. Even I don’t believe me

21. If I’m dirty minded then how did you know what I meant?

22. The hangover

23. How can you act like nothing happened…

24. Perfection

25. Why whatever do you mean

25. Books

26. No in between

27. I’ve lived a thousand lives

28. What?! It was funny

29. I’ll take on the world tomorrow… maybe next week at the latest

30. I don’t understand the question….

31. … but I have to know what happens

32. I think we should be friends now

33. How dare you?!?!

34. It’s the only chance I’ve got

35. Ya pretty much

36. See I don’t have a real problem 😉

37. Take notes guys

38. Yay! Adventure!

39. Oh the suffering

40. Yes!

41. I’ll see you when I see you



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