Book & Wine Pairing 2018 @clovispointwine @jackiesmith114 @jameswpeercy @lissaredmond @lisa_m_redmond @annaquinn55

We had another great day today during our 2nd Book & Wine Pairing event at Clovis Point Vineyard on the east end of Long Island. It was such a pleasure to meet these 4 amazing authors! We have read all of their work and loved every one of them.

If you were lucky enough to join us and get your signed copy, you are in for a treat! Although it was extremely hot and sunny, we managed not to melt completely. Having some refreshing Rose from Clovis Point helped a lot!

What I loved most about today was hearing how important a blogger’s reviews are and our ability to network is to an author and how an authors support for a blogger is so critical to our own growth and ability to gain more followers. To review a book we loved on our blog gives us great pleasure but to look an author in the face and tell them how much you loved their book was priceless!

So thank you so much to Jackie Smith, Anna Quinn, Lissa Redmond and James Peercy for making the trip to NY and attending our event! It was truly an honor to meet you all and we can’t wait to read more of your work!


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