Q&A with Chris Bohjalian, bestselling author of “Guest Room”, “Sleepwalker”, & “Flight Attendant”! @chrisbohjalian

Chris Bohjalian is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 20 books! His work has been translated into 30 languages and three times become movies. His newest novel “Flight Attendant” will be hitting shelves March 2018! (We can’t wait!)

Chris lives in Vermont with his wife and photographer, Victoria Blewer. His daughter Grace is a young actress in NYC and has narrated 3 of his novels! It was great getting to know Chris as he is one of our favorites!

Q~ If you could put any one of your books under your pillow and travel to that setting (don’t worry, you will still wake up in your cozy VT bed in the morning), what book would it be? Where would you be? And why?

A~ Well, I have been to most of the settings. I’m pretty thorough with my research.

Moreover, thirteen of twenty books are set in Vermont, so I can go to those settings and wake up in my cozy Green Mountain bed without any magic. And given that my historical fiction is set in the caudron of Genocide and war, I have no overwhelming to spend serious time in their locales in 1915, 1944, and 1945.

So I think will pick Yerevan, Armenia from “The Guest Room.” I love that beautiful city. And I will also pick the fictional Dubai hotel that I created that opens “The Flight Attendant,” my next novel. It’s inspired by two spectacular hotels – one in Moscow and one in Beirut – that I think pride themselves on their oligarchic excess. I wouldn’t mind traveling to that fictional hotel and hanging around there for a bit. And I imagine the bed would be just fine, thank you very much. Just. Fine.

Q~ If the ghost of Christmas past paid you a visit and asked you to pick two time periods from your past and one from your future, which time period would you pick? What might you see yourself doing? Christmas past?

A~ Meeting once again and falling in love with once again my lovely bride when we were eighteen years old. That was a pretty spectacular spring and summer. Christmas future? Watching my amazing daughter, a young actor, performing in whatever play or movie is next for her.

Q~ Can you describe the most amazing bicycle tip you could ever imagine?

A~ Most amazing bicycle tip? Always carry your smart phone wth you. I pull over by gazebos and rivers in Vermont all the time and write outlines for scenes or entire scenes. Biking clears my head and helps me solve all sorts of narrative problems in my fiction. My sense is that biking can help people in myriad professions solve problems that way – just as jogging or walking or rowing probably do. It’s the repetitive motion and getting the blood going. Someone far wiser than I am once observed, “The most important tool a writer can have is a walk.”

Q~ If your tombstone had to be no more than a 280 character tweet, what would you want it to say?

A~ Tried like hell to be a great spouse and a great dad.

Q~ If you could pick a superpower, what would it be, how would you use it and why?

A~ Preternatural empathy and negotiating skills. I would use it bring peace to the Middle East – and I mean the Middle East from the southern tip of Yemen to the northeast corner of Turkey, and from the western border of Lybia to the eastern most corner of Iran.

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