Chris Bohjalian Book Tour and Book Signing Event 03/13/2018 @ChrisBohjalian @DoubleDayBooks



Last night I was lucky enough to get a chance to be at Chris Bohjalian Book Tour at the Wonderful St. Louis County Library. It was my first trip to the St. Louis County Library and I have to say it is a very beautiful place and everyone was very nice. I found myself wanting to look around, anyway it was a lovely place and I hope to go back. 

I was extra thrilled that he I got to meet him on Book Release Day! YAY! Chris did an amazing job! He was funny and entertaining. I truly enjoyed getting to see him. He told hilarious and horrifying stories about flight attendants. We learned some things about him, his family, and his process. Things from his war vet uncle “good and war but bad at marriage”, to his daughter who does voices in almost all his audio books, and his biggest critic his wife. He discussed his writing process: he bikes daily, he has a sugarfree redbull(those are bad for your kidneys btw), and his favorite books he needs and looks at daily. His books are a baby name book(how he picks names), a huge dictionary, a thesaurus, and maybe one of the most interesting was the book of what things are! I had no idea what this was but tbh is sounds awesome. He also read to us for about 11 minutes. HAHA


Chris was brave enough to take question from his large audience. There were some wonderful questions asked and we found out some great things like his unwillingness to write trilogies and his terrible poetry attempt, lol. However, from that I picked my next audio and have started Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands .I have to admit while I love the book so far the title is difficult to get right, sorry. One of my favorite things I found out about last night was authors selling names in their books to charity for libraries and such. It is something Chris and I’m sure many authors do and I think it is wonderful. 

When it was my turn to ask a question and introduced myself I was shocked and extremely delighted that he recognized me and TwoGirlsandaBookObsession and he genuinely seemed happy to see me! OH and he came through, I got a shirt! He also took the time to ask about, my other half, Mary who is recovering from surgery. I asked him about what he has coming next? what he is working on? I will tell you his new book sounds wonderful and I can not wait to read it. 

Please ignore my glowingly pale skin. lol

Last night was a great night. Chris was a entertaining and very kind person who seems to truly love what he does. Thank you Chris for a wonderful evening! It was really great to meet you in person and I hope we can do it again. 


After the event I went to the Cheesecake Factory which was appropriate for the night after learning that Kaley Cuoco is to play The Flight Attendant in the new TV mini series next year!

And again Yesterday was The Flight Attendant Release Day to purchase it Click HERE



  1. That’s very exciting that you got to meet him! I was thrilled when he replied to my tweet about my book review. He’s really good about interacting with his readers.


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