Tell Me Three Things by: Julie Buxbaum

This is such a sweet fun story.  I loved this one!(Was also my first book recommendation to my now bookish friend and blog partner)

The story is about a girl named Jessie who’s mom had passed away and who’s dad gets remarried, so she is forced to move across the country.  She has to make new friends and try and navigate a new school seemingly alone, until she receives an email from somebody nobody. Somebody nobody becomes her friend and her crush.  He helps her navigate through her new school and new people. Then she gets a crush on another boy one right iron of her and real.

You should defiantly give this book a shot it will keep you guessing until the end, who is somebody nobody,  how everything will turn out and which crush will win out.

Julie baxbaum is an amazing writter! Check out her newest book out What to say Next, review conning soon


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