We All Fall Down by Natalie D. Richards

“Even thinking her name rolls chills up my back. I close my eyes and that night is unleashed…There were other people there but Paige is all I see.”

“Theo is good for me. And Theo is terrible for me. Those statements are both completely true and impossibly opposite at the same time.”

Paige and Theo, high school friends? Teenage crush? or Deadly match? One fateful night on the bridge, Something happened that will change Paige and Theo’s lives forever. A few months after that night, they are not speaking, are not friends, and do not step within a foot of each other.  But, is it because they don’t want to? Because they’re told not to? Or because they both feel they have to?

Now, Paige is a college student full of anxiety, and Theo is full of dispair and on anti depression meds. Will they ever learn to face their true feelings? Is someone or something trying to stop them? Why are they reliving that night over and over?

“Strange things often have mundane explanations.”

For Paige and Theo, they are destined… but for what?

We gave this one 4 stars. As far as young adult reads go, we think YA will like it!


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