Whisper Me This by Kerry Anne King ~ Publication Day 8-1-18 @Kerry_Anne_King @LUauthors 📚❤️

Single mother Maisey Addington has always fallen short of her own mother’s expectations—never married, a bit adrift, wasting her high IQ on dead-end jobs. The only thing Maisey’s sure she’s gotten right is her relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter, Elle…until a phone call blows apart the precarious balance of their lives. Maisey’s mother is in a coma, and her aging father faces charges of abuse and neglect.

Back at her childhood home, Maisey must make a heartrending life-or-death decision. Her confused father has destroyed family records, including her mother’s final wishes. Searching for answers, Maisey uncovers one unspeakable secret after another when she stumbles upon a shattering truth: a twin sister named Marley.

Maisey’s obsession with solving the mystery of her sister forces her to examine her darkest memories and triggers a custody battle with Elle’s father. Will Maisey’s love for her daughter be strong enough to break a cycle of abuse and create a new beginning for them all?

First I’d like to thank Kerry Ann King for a signed copy of this most cherished book! My blog partner and I read and review hundreds of books a year. Our list of “OMG must reads” to recommend to others is growing a mile long because of books like this! Before our full review we will start by giving it 5 big fat stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kerry Anne King does a masterful job at painting a picture of what domestic violence, heartache, loss, and resilience looks and feels like. As the description states, Maisey is a single mom of 12 year old Elle. She lives in what she feels is constant scrutiny from her successful yet controlling ex, Greg. Her entire life comes crashing down the moment she finds out that her mom has collapsed in her home and hit her head while her father supposedly followed her directions not to get her medical attention. So for three days she lay in bed deteriorating. Along with her downward spiraling health, Leah (Maisey’s once vibrant, confident, full of life mother), also takes with her, her deepest darkest secrets about her life. Until… The journal she began writing is discovered and Maisey begins to learn the truth. Then there’s Tony; fire fighter who appeared at Maisey’s house to investigate her mother’s accident. He seems to harbor many secrets but you won’t know what his connection is to this whole story right away!

What secrets did her mother have? Why were they so devastating to Maisey, her father, and the trajectory of her life? Will Greg push her to do something she doesn’t want to do giving up control of her mother’s wishes? Maisey’s last words to her mother before she died are chilling and can’t be taken back.

I highly recommend that you read Kerry Ann Kings book to see how this thrilling edge-of-your-seat story takes you on a ride of plot twists that will lead you to a shocking ending!

Kerry Anne King is the author of the international bestselling novel Closer Home and I Wish You Happy. Licensed both as an RN and a mental-health counselor, she draws on her experience working in the medical and mental-health fields to explore themes of loss, grief, and transformation—but always with a dose of hope and humor. Kerry lives in a little house in the big woods of the Inland Northwest with her Viking, three cats, a dog, and a yard full of wild turkeys and deer. She also writes fantasy and mystery novels as Kerry Schafer.

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