Sweet Pea by: C.J. Skuse @CJSkuse




The last person who called me ‘Sweetpea’ ended up dead…

I haven’t killed anyone for three years and I thought that when it happened again I’d feel bad. Like an alcoholic taking a sip of whisky. But no. Nothing. I had a blissful night’s sleep. Didn’t wake up at all. And for once, no bad dream either. This morning I feel balanced. Almost sane, for once.

Rhiannon is your average girl next door, settled with her boyfriend and little dog…but she’s got a killer secret.

Although her childhood was haunted by a famous crime, Rhiannon’s life is normal now that her celebrity has dwindled. By day her job as an editorial assistant is demeaning and unsatisfying. By evening she dutifully listens to her friend’s plans for marriage and babies whilst secretly making a list.

A kill list.

From the man on the Lidl checkout who always mishandles her apples, to the driver who cuts her off on her way to work, to the people who have got it coming, Rhiannon’s ready to get her revenge.

Because the girl everyone overlooks might be able to get away with murder…



I have been sitting on this review for awhile now because I don’t know quite how to put into words my thoughts on this book. I can’t wait any longer so I’m going to give it my best shot.

Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended.

This story about a woman, famous since childhood as the only survivor of a horrific crime. Now as an adult with a seemingly normal life, the urge to kill comes again. Sweetpea is told from the POV of Rhiannon through her diary. She isn’t your normal killer however she kills bad people, violent people, rapists. The way this story was written, the way that Rhiannon thinks, was just too good. I found myself laughing at the way she thought. She had me unable to argue with some of her POV. While what she does was horrible and still murder, C.J Skuse wrote her in such a way that your dark side can’t help but like and kind of root for her. I did see coming what she was doing to her boyfriend but the way it all turned out and the timing in which it all happened was just too good and I couldn’t help but love it.

C.J Skuse has written such a wrong and disturbing yet great read. I couldn’t stop reading this book and couldn’t even start another right away. Major book hangover!! I can’t wait to read In Bloom and see what happens next with Rhiannon!

If you have a good sense of humor and like a dark story, this is for sure a must read!!!


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