The Lost by: Natasha Preston @natashapreston



In the small town of Aurora, teens go missing all the time. But when one of Piper and Hazel’s classmates disappears, they become determined to find out the truth of what happened to her.

While investigating, they meet three handsome and rich grad students…who kidnap them. The girls are taken to a building in the middle of a privately-owned forest. The building isn’t just designed to keep them locked away—every room is a test in survival. And Piper and Hazel won’t give up without a fight.



Ever since The Cellar I have picked up everything I could find from Natasha Preston and own most all her books. I love Natasha Preston’s writing. So when I seen the The Lost I went after it immediately. I sat down with this book and finished it in a weekend. It was true to Natasha Preston style. It was suspenseful, shocking and you  got lost in the story.

Natasha has a way of writing where you forget you are reading you get so lost in the story you feel like you are there. You felt like you were there with Piper living this hell with her. That you knew how you would feel there. I don’t know how Natasha Preston keeps coming you with such powerful and shocking stories but I hope she doesn’t stop. I’m always so excited to see a new book from her.

You must join Piper in this suspenseful and disturbing journey to see if she and her friends can survive. The only thing about this one that I didn’t love was how it didn’t end it felt like there was another book coming to continue this story but as far as I know there isn’t. I wish there was but I don’t so….I’ll have to check on that.

This is yet another 5star read from Natasha Preston! You don’t want to miss this!!



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