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Your best friend. Your worst nightmare…

From the moment they met as children, Sasha knew that beautiful, wealthy, and confident Caitlin would always be her absolute best friend. Sasha would do anything to make Caitlin happy. 

Even keep her darkest secrets…

The years have passed, but their friendship remains. And when Caitlin announces she’s getting married there is only one choice for the role of bridesmaid. Sasha will make sure Caitlin’s wedding is as beautiful and perfect as she is. Won’t she? 

But as the big day approaches, cracks begin to appear. Because no matter what Sasha does, she never seems to make Caitlin happy. 

And the secrets that once bound these two friends, now threaten to rip them apart for good…

Review by Mary & Alicia

Best friends? What if you had a secret you couldn’t bring yourself to tell her? You know it’s a doozy of a secret when you are trying to work up the courage to tell your best friend at her pre-wedding celebration with tons of guests and a tipsy bride to be, that will change your friendship forever! What could be THAT bad?

“The spiral of lies that had been so tightly entwined like a brand-new ball of wool, had begun to loosen in my mind.”

This is one of those books that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly be the secret that might rip apart your friendship of decades. The story is told from the point of view of Sasha; the insecure gardener’s daughter who lives in the little cottage on the Clemonte estate. Just what happened and why is Sasha distraught by this secret? Secrets and lies will get you NO WHERE!!

Manning does a fabulous job flashing back to different time periods without overwhelming or confusing the reader. As a matter of fact, she reveals each plot twist with intricate detail and purpose which leaves readers with just enough information to beg for more in the next chapter!

“Oh, don’t worry. You can trust me, your secrets will be safe. Friends forever?’ Caitlin held out her hand, a wicked little smile played out across her lips. I held her wide-eyed gaze for a moment, looked down at her hand, then I took it in my own, and as I did, I felt a fizzle in my gut.”

Nina Manning

Nina Manning studied psychology and was a restaurant-owner and private chef (including to members of the royal family). She is the founder and co-host of Sniffing The Pages, a book review podcast. The Daughter in Law is her debut psychological thriller. The Guilty Wife was published in March 2020, The House Mate was published in October 2020.The Bridesmaid is published May 2021. She lives in Dorset in the UK.

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