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Her dream wedding might become a nightmare

Tara Moore feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She’s finally found the man of her dreams, and after the fairytale wedding, she’s leaving Dublin to start a new life in Australia.

Until Avril Ryan’s body is discovered in a house that Tara lived in three years ago.

Tara doesn’t know Avril, so why was she the last person Avril called? How has she become the number one suspect?

But what the police don’t know is that Tara’s past conceals her own dangerous secrets. And as the detectives start digging and old friendships come to light, Tara begins to wonder who she can trust.

Will her wedding day become her last?

Our Review

The opening scene of this book hooked me right away! Faye, Tara, and Andrui… why is it necessary to take a picture with cell phone at the concert and then leave? Shady, suspicious, suspenseful… Jackie Walsh did a masterful job at developing each character so that you either loved to hate them or hated to love them!

In this twisty, “trust no one” thriller, readers will always feel like they are perched on the edge of their seats waiting for the next surprise plot twist to hit them! I mean, this story has everything a great thriller should have… best friends with very different upbringings, college life, and family secrets that drive wedges between them. Fast forward three years to a time when Faye and Tara thought the past was the past. Tara is getting married, Faye is living her dream practicing medicine. All ends well, or so it seems. Until… a dead body pops up and puts a damper on everyone’s plans!

There will no doubt be times throughout the book that you’ll feel sure that you’ve solved the mystery but rest assured… you most likely will realize that you haven’t guessed the secrets that keep surfacing. If you like a story that keeps you guessing and hits you with shocking and unexpected twists… this is it!

Jackie Walsh

Jackie Walsh lives in Dublin with herhusband Paul and dog Layla. She is a member of the Irish Writers Centre and The Irish Crime writer’s group. After years spent building her own business she decided to take time out and pursue her interest in writing. With a lot to learn, Jackie attended classes, writing groups and travelled to lots of festivals and launches. She secured a publishing deal with Hera Books who published Familiar Strangers and The Secrets He Kept in 2019, Five Little Words in 2020 and Her White Lie which will be published in July 2021.

Twitter: @JackieWalsh_ie

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