The Beginning After by Kiersten Modglin @kierstenmodglin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Peighton Claiborne’s perfect world is built on perfectly crafted lies. When the sudden death of her husband destroys everything she worked so hard to create, Peighton finds herself struggling to cope.

As the police begin digging into the mysterious death, they uncover secrets her husband had spent years trying to keep buried. The people Peighton believed she could count on, and the ones she needs more than ever, begin to turn on her, leaving Peighton to pick up the remaining pieces of her life alone.

When a police officer assigned to her husband’s case, Clay Nealson, takes a special interest in her, Peighton thinks they may finally uncover the truth she so desperately seeks. Together, Peighton and Clay search for answers. In a moment of weakness, she finds herself falling for a man she barely knows. But, when Peighton discovers Clay may have his own hidden motivations to finding out the truth of her husband’s death, she is forced to realize the only person she can truly trust is herself.

As the world she once knew spirals around her, Peighton must uncover the truth about her husband, his secrets and his death, before it’s too late. And, in an effort to protect those she loves, she must reveal a few secrets of her own – ones that threaten to destroy everything she worked for.


In classic Kiersten Modglin style, this is the story that stars relatable characters and themes about family, love, loss, and betrayal. Peighton, the main character, is a woman who other women readers will definitely relate to as she is a mother with an instinct for when something doesn’t seem quite right in their world.

When she acts upon her instinct on the day in question, she learns of a terrible tragedy involving her loving husband. After Peighton learns of her husband’s sudden death, she begins to uncover the devastating secrets he tried to take to his grave. These secrets begin to tear down the perfect family facade that they worked so hard to create.

But, as the story unravels, readers will also learn that he wasn’t the only one who kept secrets. Buried beneath the crazy circumstances of this mystery, lie the buried secrets of so many others. Surfaced secrets begin to multiply and compound one another. They begin to eat away at the only family life that she and her son Kyle have left.

Will Peighton and Kyle ever be able to rebuild their mother-son relationship? Is it too late? Are the other people in their lives guilty of loving them too much to betray them or guilty of betraying them too much to love them?

This book is more than just a thriller. While it still holds the classic recipe of twists and shocking surprises that Kiersten is known for, it also contains many important life lessons that readers will appreciate!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS book! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kiersten Modglin
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