When a book is 4 stars until the very end when it reveals a 5 star twist!

img_4450Have you ever read a book that you swore was going to end as a 4 star “nothing mind blowing, but still really good” kind of story?  Until….. that huge twist at the very end… like the last 20 pages!  Then boom! 5 star book! I just finished a book like that! “What to Say Next” by Julie Buxbaum was a very heartwarming, cute love story. I loved the characters and their uniqueness. Kit, a popular girl who just lost her dad and feels lost and lonely and David, a super smart but isolated boy who has asbergers and trouble with social cues, become unexpected friends and find what they need in each other. But… a truth is revealed at the end that raises the level of this book’s awesomeness! I highly recommend! What books have you read like this?


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