Crossing Lex by Debby Caruso

Danielle, a young woman who had a trying childhood and is the product of a failed marriage and an even worse failed step father. She also felt abandoned by her father when he remarried and had another child. Like many kids today, she lost her identity when her parents divorced. She spent her whole life not knowing her worth. When she meets the man of her dreams she hesitates and makes excuses for why she can’t commit to a relationship. She had a difficult time coming to terms with her childhood experiences and learning how she could love and be loved again. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, her past haunts her and the future of their relationship lies in the hands of 9-11 terrorists.

Although I loved Danielle’s journey, and was moved by her realizations of life, I often wished she would offer more of her past life experiences instead of her day to day, minute by minute experience. The flashbacks to her childhood offered the reader a vivid picture of her upbringing and why she hesitates the way she does in love and life. I wished many of the scenes could have been elaborated on and many that were elaborated on could have been summarized.

All in all, this was a beautiful story of life, love and perseverance.

“I found out that the truth, when spoken out loud, had the power to validate the theories buried inside the heart.” 


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