Liar by: K.L Slater 

There’s a point at which you may might realise the journey isn’t really for you any more. But every time you get a chance to change paths, you just stay put because it’s easier. You end up trudging along the same old way and watching as life happens to other people as you pass by. Then one day you just stop looking around you.

Judi would do anything for her son, Ben, and her two grandsons. She cares for them, cleans for them, cooks for them, and anything else they need as they recover from the death of Ben’s wife and the boys mother.  So when Amber comes into their lives out of nowhere and she’s up to no good, Jodi has to help them see. But Amber is good and no one can see but her, so she will do what she has to do to protect them…

This book was so great! So many twists and surprises we couldn’t stop! Kept us guessing and in shock til the very end.  Can’t wait to read more from this author!


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