Our Journey So Far…


Today marks 6 months since me and book bestie and blog partner Mary became friends! Some days it feels like everything has happened so fast but when we talk it like we’ve been friends for a lifetime.  So I put together a little timeline of our journey so far,  that includes the books we were reading at the time: 

May 28th: We became friends on Facebook- the book we bonded over was Tell Me Three Things  by Julie Buxbaum

June 10th: We decided to read our first book together – that book was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

June 29th: We shared our addresses with each other for the first time-  Me because I wanted to send her a birthday present (without her knowing). I sent her by The Cabin Natasha Preston. But what I didn’t know she wanted it to send me something too. She sent me a signed copy of No Good Deed by Goldy Moldavsky


July 23rd: I asked her what she would think of starting a book blog with me.  She was very excited, once again our brains were in the same place, as she told me she was thinking about the same thing. – The book we were reading at that time was Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven.

August 1st: TwoGirlsandaBookObsession was born! We were beyond thrilled! – The book at the time was What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum 

August 7th: We started all the social media accounts for our blog. – Our book was The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

August 11th: We moved from talking on Facebook messenger daily to text messaging daily. – We had moved to Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison.

August 16th: We got our first request from an author to review his book. He was Ken Bono and his book is Karma’s Dagger . The book we were reading at the time was Those Girls by Chevy Stephens. 

Things went along we reviewed more books some requested and some we chose. Thing were going along well at one point we made a decision. We planned and brought to life our  first event.

November 4th:   TwoGirlsandaBookObsession hosted a book and wine pairing event at Clovis Point Vinyard. We paired wines with some of our favorite books and had 4 authors join us for readings and signings. Our book  that day was Liar by K.L Slater.

We have reciently started doing Q&A interviews with some of our favorite authors.  It has been an amazing experience so far and I can’t wait to see what is waiting for us in the future! 
I’m beyond greatful to have a friend, a book bestie, and blog partner that truly understands my excitement and quirks.  She has become a big part of my daily life, someone who is common place in my conversations and someone everyone knows.  She has become family,  my Big Sister. I know I can talk to her about anything and any excitement and she won’t think me silly and she will honestly get it,  when no one else gets it. 

Thank you Mary! I enjoy you and what we are doing so much and I wouldn’t be doing any of it without you! XOXOX

(See a book you want to look into click on the book title in blue)

6months nearly 100 books follow along to see were we go next



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