The Lost Child by Patricia Gibney

“They placed me in here and threw away the key. I look down at the gown they’ve put on me. I want my own clothes. I don’t know how long I’ve been here”.


After an elderly woman was found murdered in her home, Detective Parker and her partner Detective Boyd investigate.  Thinking it is an open and shut case, a classic blame the ex-husband, DI Parker assumes it will be easy to prove guilt especially since his daughter (granddaughter of the murdered woman) goes missing.

Add the fact that two days after murder, a nearby house goes up in flames with a dead body count that is hard to keep track of!  Is there a connection? Does DI parker really want to start digging deeper only to find answers she might not be willing to hear?

This was a great page turning classic Detective/Murder case with many twists that keeps you guessing until the end.  We liked it a lot and received it through NetGalley for an honest review.  We didn’t realize that this is book #3 in the Detective Lottie Parker series so we look forward to reading others!

4 Stars!

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