The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

“And even if it felt like Mam hated me, she had to love me, didn’t she? She had to love me, because she was my mam, and Susan was just somebody who got stuck taking care of Jamie and me because of the war.”

The time period:  WWII  Nine year old Ada was born with a twisted leg.  She was never allowed out of her one bedroom apartment.  Her mother loathed her. She blamed her for every bad thing that happened in their lives.  She was neglectful and mean. Ada’s little brother Jamie was treated differently.  He was treated like a “normal” boy, allowed to go to school, play with friends, and got the positive attention from his mother.

When the war started creeping closer and closer to home, there was a movement to bring as many children as possible to safe houses in England.  The kids were to meet at the school and their teacher would help them get safely to the train that would take them to a temporary home until the war was over.  But Ada wasn’t allowed out of the house.  She couldn’t walk well without being in severe pain.  But then again…Ada wasn’t an ordinary little girl.  Determination grew within Ada to save herself and her brother.

One day, Ada escaped…

This middle grade novel is one that I recommend so often to young readers and adults alike.  Ada’s story will resonate with you long after you put it down. Her bravery and determination will appeal and inspire young readers and her spirit and love will remain in the hearts of every adult.  PLEASE READ THIS STORY!

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