Don’t Look for Me by Mason Cross ~ HAPPY USA RELEASE DAY!

It was a simple instruction. And for six years Carter Blake has kept his word. He hasn’t looked for the woman he once loved and lost. But now her life is in danger and Blake is forced to break that promise.

Happy USA Book Release Day!! Now is your chance to add “Don’t look for Me” to your library!

Edge of your seat, suspenseful, twisty… a story that will definitely keep you on your toes! Carter promised Carol six years ago that he would leave and never look for her again.

Carol, now Rebecca, lives in a cookie cutter suburban neighborhood with her mysterious husband. She befriends her neighbor Sarah, often getting together for tea and afternoon chats. One day, at a neighborhood BBQ, Dominic (Rebecca’s husband) pulls her abruptly away from the BBQ leaving her friend Sarah wondering what he is hiding, but not before someone snaps a picture of them! (The only evidence that Rebecca isn’t who she says she is). Other than a typed note from Rebecca telling Sarah not to worry, that’s the last time Sarah sees or hears from Rebecca… or is it?

Sarah is curious. She goes on her own little mission to find out exactly what and who Rebecca and Dominic are. When she snoops in their abandoned house, she finds a journal with random names and scribbles. But on one page, she finds something. Something that will lead her on a journey she will not forget. Little does she know…. she’s not the only one looking for Rebecca and Dominic.

Each page of this story will keep you guessing! Mason Cross does a fabulous job intertwining the characters and giving them all a very important role in how the story unfolds. We loved it! We look forward to reading more Mason Cross books!

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