The Mistake by K.L. Slater

“He has a good sense of direction. His class teacher had said so last summer when they went on the mini-beast hunt, here at Newstead Abbey. And so Billy forged ahead, his inner compass telling him that the kite was definitely around here somewhere.”

Sixteen years ago, Rose blames herself for her brother, Billy’s death. Her abusive and overbearing boyfriend at the time would have stopped at nothing to make sure Rose was his forever. When Billy goes missing, blaming him for his death is the only logical explanation!

As the story unfolds, Rose realizes that the people in her life that she thought she could trust, she shouldn’t have ever trusted. With each turn of the page, new details emerge of how and why Billy died. Secrets are kept, deceptions are uncovered, and appalling evidence may have put the wrong man in jail!!! Or has it???

Nail biting, edge of your seat, thrilling!!!!! KL Slater does it again!

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