The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

“Secrets are a sneaky little seed. You can hide them, you can bury them, you can disguise them, and cover them up. But then just when you think your secret has rotted away and decayed into nothing, it stirs back to life. It sprouts roots and stems, crawls its way through the mud and muck, growing and climbing, and bursting through the surface, blooming for everyone to see. That’s the lesson here. The truth always comes out eventually.” 

You think your marriage is perfect? Well, your husband is successful, handsome, and totally in love with you. His love is so great, you both want to start having babies with together.

But one day you wake up, kiss your husband goodbye as he leaves for a work conference to Orlando. Or at least that’s what you think! That morning’s series of events start unraveling a life you had no idea you were living! Who is he? Come to think of it, why doesn’t he have any friends? Wait… there is that guy from the gym, Corban is his name?? He seems to know an awful lot about his childhood for a “just a guy from the gym”. Why doesn’t he like to talk about his family? But wait… Corban seems to know an awful lot about his family?? Hmm… just when you think you know someone better than you think you know yourself!

Definitely a story that makes you think about the people you think you know better than anyone and the secrets people keep! Life will never be the same! Now what?

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Wow…. so good!


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