Silent Child by:Sarah A. Denzil

“Monsters are men and women just like us, and they have the ability to hide their true face.”

“I’ve heard it said that you can only control yourself and how you behave in any given setting. You can never control the circumstances around you. You can’t control how other people react, only how you, yourself, act. That’s the great tragedy of life. One moment everything is perfect and the next it’s all in tatters because of the circumstances happening all around you. And what are you supposed to think when your child is taken from you? That it was fate? God? Bad luck? How are you supposed to move on?”

“No one wants to believe they are weak, but we all have weakness inside us. We have strength, too, but there are times when the circumstances in our lives are so overwhelming that we easily succumb to that weakness.”

“Never say you hate someone or something unless you really mean it, because hate is not finding a presenter on the telly annoying, or losing your temper with a sibling—it’s an all-consuming living thing that starts in your bowels and infects your blood until it blackens your heart.

“If you get to live your life without ever experiencing hatred, then count yourself lucky.”

Silent Child By Sarah A. Denzil is about a mother who loses her 6 year son in a flood after he walks out of the school.

7 years later she finally declares him dead.

Then 10 years later she has remarried, rebuilt her life and is waiting for her little girl due in just a few week. That is until her boy, Aiden, comes back. Aiden has been through horrifying things, but isn’t talking. The next several weeks are a whirlwind of events that has her questioning everything and everyone she ever knew and trusted, as she is determined to help her son and figure out what happened to him. But will helping her son cost her everything.

I really enjoyed this book. Even tho parts of it were a little predictable, parts of it through me for a loop and I couldn’t put it down. I hope to read more from this wonderful author.


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