Mother by S.E. Lynes

“What do any of us believe? How much of what we believe is in fact lies we tell ourselves, and how much is the truth?”

Omg. Seriously…”dark psychological thriller” doesn’t begin to describe the awesomeness of this book!

Christopher didn’t know he was adopted until right before he left for Uni. His parents were forced to tell him because when packing for University, Christopher discovered a letter. A letter that would alter his life forever! Even though he always knew he was different, he never felt completely part of his family. After leaving for Uni, he was determined to find his birth mother.

After he arrived at dormitory, he met his roommate, Adam. Adam was completely opposite of Christopher. Confident, completely laid back, well dressed… he had hootzpah! He tried to get Christopher to relax a bit. As Christopher settled down at Uni, relaxed a bit, and began his quest to find his birth mother… a murderer was on the loose. It was scaring all of the girls at Uni and the rest of the community.

After years of feeling like he never belonged anywhere, Christopher finally found the truth about his past. Or did he? Did he find the answers to the questions he always had about himself? Is there more to Christopher than meets the eye? Who is Benjamin and why does his story parallel Christopher’s?

Twisted, creepy, tangled, crazy, thrilling… this story will most certainly have you gasping in disbelief! S.E. Lynes just gained two more HUGE fans! We can’t wait to read The Pact!

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