Cemetery Girl by David Bell

“It’s hard to forget she’s somebody’s daughter. Somebody’s somewhere. We all are aren’t we? We all are”.

A parent’s worst nightmare!!! Tom and Abby’s daughter, Caitlin, had been missing for 4 years. Caitlin, 12 years old at the time, goes to walk the dog and never returns! Life as they know it ended the day she went missing. Their marriage is suffering, depression has set in, and every time they look at their dog, Frosty, it is a constant reminder of that fateful day. Abby has been pushing Tom to bring the dog to the pound! (Poor Frosty)

One day four years later & out of the blue, Caitlin returns! Sixteen now and seemingly a completely changed girl, she makes her father promise that he will never ask what happened to her! Tom knows something awful happened to her. He knows with every ounce of his being that whatever happened to her was not of her own free will… at least not at first anyway! (Gasp…what????)

As Tom and Abby dig deeper into this mystery, they realize that sometimes the people who are closest to you in your life are the people you can trust the least. The deeper they dig, the more shocking their discoveries!

David Bell is one of our favorites! His books are thrilling, suspenseful and fast paced! Cemetery Girl is no exception! We can’t wait for his new release “Somebody’s Daughter” coming July 2018!

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