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A Little Background…. Jenn and I never actually met in person but we have become the dearest of friends. We met on a book loving FB forum and started talking about the books we were reading. We soon learned that we had so much in common… not just books, but our life experiences, hardships, favorite things, and family values. We quickly became the best of friends. Her a nurse and me a teacher… just two regular gals who love books. Biggest bummer is that we live thousands of miles apart: her in IL and me in NY. After a few months of reading books together, we thought of starting a blog to share our book love! So Two Girls and a Book Obsession was born. In our short existence as Book Besties, we have read and reviewed hundreds of books, hosted a major book and wine pairing event & book signing and spoke with and interviewed many Best Selling and upcoming authors! This journey has been so amazing and we hope more authors and book loving people follow our blog! And maybe someday… we will actually meet! (A dream of ours)

A little about my Book Bestie, Mary:

Mary is a wonderful mom of two driven kids,  Emily (21) and Will (16). Both who are very successful in what they do. She lives in Center Moriches, NY with her son and husband, Bill. We have so many things in common but I’m going to share a few things I love about her. 

● She is an absolutly wonderful 5th grade teacher. Her love for her job and the children she teaches is apparent in everything she does and the way she speaks of them.(I’ve tried to talk her into quitting and moving here to teach my kids. We need more teachers like her) 

● The struggles of her past and the health problems she still manages everyday is true strength and has helped shape her into a truly amazing person. 

● She is a truly giving and caring person. The kindness and consideration she shows is a rarity that should be treasured. 

● She is an amazing writer.  She has such a way with words and it pushes me to be better. 

● We text everyday. It’s come to be something I truly look forward to. We talk alot about books and our blog (trying to stay organized and keep track,  memory not exactly our strongest attribute lol), But it’s not just books.

● We talk about life.  We complain, vent,  share our excitement and our stress.  She’s one of the few people I talk to that seems to want to hear about my day and even my problems and she never makes me feel like I’m annoying her or boring her.

● We have so many things in common books (obvi), food,  drinks, obsessions, quirks (Lol) to the point that to buy her something I get her something I love.

● She has an energy and and excitement that lifts you up till you are right up there with her.  

● She has the most adorable accent, I love it, lol. I hear her texts in my head in her accent. ( Mind you my internal voice is mostly a British accent now days).

● Her favorite quote is “Life,  with its rules,  its obligations, and it’s freedoms is like a sonnet; you’re given the the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself.” Which is one place we are different, not the quote itself…. the fact that she could pick one.

● I could honestly go on about her for awhile yet. But basically in the short time we have known each other she has become one of my closest and dearest friend.  As a blog partner I honestly couldn’t ask for more. We make the perfect pair and love every single minute of it. 

Some days its hard to believe we’ve never met,  that we are actually over a thousand miles apart. I’m so grateful for her. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.  XOXOX

Things I want you to know about my “Book Bestie” Jenn…

Jennifer is the mom of two great kids, Colton (10) & Isabella (7). She lives in Pickneyville (gotta love that town name) in IL with her kids and husband, Mike. Here’s what I want everyone to know about her…

  • She has overcome more adversity in her 30 years of life that many will in a lifetime.
  • She has managed to turn the adversity in her life into being a role model for family and friends! (Including me)
  • She is an amazing nurse, caring for seriously ill patients receiving dialysis. She should wear a cape to work everyday.
  • She’s 13 years younger than me which just can’t be. I mean I don’t feel that much older!
  • She loves stickers, calendars, and lists just like me!
  • She loves to read under a warm blanket with her doggie… just like me!
  • And shocking… her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip and coffee (just like me)
  • I talk/text her every single day.
  • We are giddy when talking books (some may think we are nerdy)
  • I love this adventure!

 P.S We are a little nerdy but I wouldn’t have it any other way lol



  1. I came across your blog and I love love love it! I look forward everyday for your book comments….Love the author interviews as well. Thank you Thank you

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