Silent Girls by Dylan Young HAPPY RELEASE DAY 1/19/2018

“What I like about you, Anna, is that you see patterns where others see mess, you ask questions no one else does, and you don’t let emotion cloud your judgement. That’s rare in this job.”

“It all starts here”, she said “The evil that men do lives after them”

Detective investigator, Anna Gwynne, is called to lead the investigation of the murder of a young girl taken from her family’s property. To celebrate her birthday, her parents arranged for a sleepover with her friend in the horse barn. The next morning, her father went in to wake them up. Except, his daughter was gone, missing without a trace. Her friend was assaulted and drugged and had no idea what happened!

As Anna investigates, making more connections between a similar murder taking place long ago and this one, she begins to feel that maybe the wrong man was convicted. During her investigation, she quickly learns that in order to solve this murder mystery, she has to get into the mind of a killer. It is when she interviews convicted killer, Shaw, she begins to discover the truth! How far is she willing to go before her own life is in danger?

“The writhing, twisting tentacle of an idea reached out from the murky waters of her mind to strike. It floated tantalisingly close before drifting away. She stood stock-still, as if she’d been hit by a gorgon’s stare, waiting for it to drift back again. It did and she felt her pulse tick in her throat the second before she had it.”

Haunting and suspenseful, Young manages to tell a story that will stay with you long after it’s over. It may just make you look at convicted murder cases differently. You may think, “but what if he really didn’t do it”… “where is the real killer and when will he strike next”!

A great beginning to a new detective series! Bravo for Dylan Young!

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