Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt ~ HAPPY RELEASE DAY 1-23-18


“You can tell me anything, ” she said.  “You and I will always keep each other’s secrets safe.”

Alice ~

  • Average stay-at-home mom of two
  • Lives in Jupiter Florida
  • Not “unhappily” married to architect, Tom
  • Struggles financially
  • Her kids mean everything to her
  • Meets Kat in airport ~ instant BFF’s

Kat ~

  • Owns an Art Gallery
  • Also lives in Jupiter Florida
  • Father is a million dollar construction business owner
  • Unhappily married to Howard
  • Howard ~ not biological father of daughter
  • Gets her way no matter what

For three years after meeting in an airport while their flight was delayed, Kat and Alice became instant friends!  Kat buys Alice a martini, maybe two, they talk extensively about their lives, and hit it off immediately. One day while preparing breakfast for her children, she hears a knock at the door.  She quickly learns that it isn’t a social call! The police are standing in her doorway demanding that Alice come to the station to answer questions about the suspicious death of Kat’s husband, Howard!

“Because, it was the truth,” I said.  “And once you’re caught telling a lie, no one will completely believe anything you say ever again.”

Over the years, Kat and Alice confide in each other about many things; money, marriage, future, desires…After learning that Kat’s husband is an unfaithful drunken jerk, Alice is insistent she leave him. But Kat tells her over and over again…if she leaves him, he will get half of her fortune! (not going to happen)  So, the questions is…did Howard die accidentally? It seems that Howard was not the most liked person and you didn’t have to look far to see who had a motive!

“I wish he’d just die,” she said through clenched teeth.  “That would solve everything.”

And..what is up with Kat completely ignoring Alice after her husband’s death? Didn’t all of those years of friendship and secrets passed between BFF’s mean anything? Alice is starting to wonder if Kat is really who she claims to be?

“I see people,” she finally said.  “I see them for who they truly are.  It’s my one true gift in life.  Although, to be honest, sometimes it feels more like a curse.  I have to admit, you weren’t the easiest person to read.  Not at first.”

Serious fans of authors like Louise Jensen, K.L. Slater, Karin Slaughter, Hollie Overton, B.A. Paris, Alice Feeney, Laura Marshall, Ruth Ware, and Mary Kubica (only to name a few) will ABSOLUTELY need to put Margot Hunt at the top of your list of authors to read and follow!

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