The Gift by: Louise Jensen


“A heart is not just an organ. The heart stores secrets and lies. Hopes and dreams. It’s more than a muscle. I know it is. The heart remembers.”

“The world is so beautiful. It’s the people that make it ugly, and I want to curl in a ball and howl with the unfairness of it all.”

“One hundred and eighty-four days ago Callie’s heart was transplanted into my body. Sometimes now I hate her, this girl who allowed me to live.”

Cellular memory is an additional hypothesis (to body memory) that memories can be stored outside the brain. However, unlike body memory, the cellular memory hypothesis states that these memories are stored in all the cells of human bodies, not in the bodies’ organs. A variation of body memory, the yet to be proven scientifically hypothesis that memories can be stored in individual cells.A recognition of a memory of an incident, event, or experience which is at once felt throughout the body i.e the memory at the cellular level.

Jenna had a heart transplant. She is determined to find out more about the girl who gave her a second chance at life. When she contacts the family and meets them she is overwhelmed by emotions and desire to help. That is when the feelings start, when the dreams start. She decides she has to find out what happened to Callie no matter what it costs her. However it goes so much deeper than she expects and she knows she must see it through before Callie’s heart can rest.

This is such an amazing and gripping psychological thriller and I would expect nothing less from the mind of this wonderful author. Louise Jensen is never disappointing and I think this may be my favorite one yet… but that maybe because its the last one I’ve read. HaHa

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