Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell ~ Publication Day July 10~ @davidbellnovels @berkleypub

In this pulse-pounding novel of psychological suspense from the USA Today bestselling author of Bring Her Home and Since She Went Away, a man must save the life of a little girl who just might be his daughter….

When Michael Frazier’s ex-wife, Erica, unexpectedly shows up on his doorstep, she drops a bombshell that threatens to rip his family apart: Her ten-year-old daughter is missing–and Michael is the father. Unsure whether this is the truth but unwilling to leave the girl’s fate to chance, Michael has no choice but to follow the elusive trail of the child he has always wanted but never knew he had.

After Michael departs, his wife, Angela, learns shocking news about Erica and fears for the safety of both her husband and the endangered girl. When a stranger, a man who claims a connection to Erica and her missing daughter, knocks on the door, Angela is drawn out into the night–and deep into the tangled web of Michael’s past….

Over the course of one night, lies that span a decade come bubbling to the surface, putting Michael, his wife, and his whole family in jeopardy. And as the window for a little girl’s safe return closes, Michael will have to decide who can be trusted and who is hiding the truth….

David Bell does it again! Somebody’s Daughter is a fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. What we loved about this book was that every single chapter ended in a cliffhanger which of course makes you want to continue reading right away! This is why if you don’t have the time to read through it fast, you’ll go crazy with anticipation!

David Bell has a great knack for character development and plot twists. He is great at making the reader feel a part of the story. I truly felt my heart ache for Angela, an innocent party in this mess that her husband Michael has seemingly got himself wrapped up in! I felt betrayed by Michael, his mother, his sister, and Erica his ex wife as if I were Angela herself. Then there were times I felt drawn to Michael, feeling pain and heartache at how he was suddenly thrown into a situation he didn’t expect or bargain for!

If you like suspenseful, thrillers that keep you guessing as plots thicken while you read, this is the book for you!!! We haven’t read a David Bell book that we didn’t love! Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

David Bell is the author of more than half a dozen books including Since She Went Away, Somebody I Used To Know, The Forgotten Girl, Never  Come Back, The Hiding Place, Cemetery Girl and most recently Bring Her Home. In 2013 he won the prestigious Prix Polar International de Cognac for best crime novel by an international author.




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