Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E. Smith @jackiesmith114 #YA #paranormalromance

“They’d never scared him, really.  When he was younger, he hadn’t known that there was anything different about them.  By the time he was old enough to figure out that no one else could see them, he was also old enough to realize that being dead didn’t turn people into monsters.It just meant that most of them were lonely”.

Cemetery Tours is a wonderful YA book! Kate and Gavin are YA siblings who move into a new apartment building together in order to escape what they believed was a haunted apartment. Little do they know, the apartment they are moving into also feels “off”. Her brother can sense it. Michael, a neighbor has a best friend “Brink” but no one can see Brink except for Michael. That’s because Michael can see the dead. Michael avoids making eye contact with them normally, other than communicating with Brink. He isn’t interested in relaying messages for the dead. He isn’t interested in helping them cross over or finish business on earth. He just wants to move on with life.

After meeting Kate and Gavin, a friendship forms and Michael and Kate start developing feelings for each other. The ghost of a person haunting Kate and Gavin’s apartment becomes a connection to Kate’s past and the future of all those involved. What happened to Kate? Why doesn’t she remember? Did someone keep something from her?

Jacqeline Smith does a fantastic job making it seem like a paranormal “gift” is realistic and that the events of the characters lives can happen to anyone. She has a wonderful way of bringing characters “to life” and making the reader want to read fast and furious. We loved this book and think that YA lovers will too. We look forward to reading the second Cemetery Tours Book. Please check out our blog review on http://www.twogirlsandabookobsession.com

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