Let the Dead Rest by J.P. Choquette ~ Publication Day 8-3-18 ~ @jpchoquette

Some secrets are better left buried…

In 1944, Etta Hayes is nineteen and over-the-moon in love with her recently returned soldier. She dreams of having babies, a little house and a white picket fence. But the doll her fiancé brought back from overseas casts an eerie shadow over their lives. As she digs into the doll’s past, Etta learns the horrible secrets it contains. Secrets she wished she’d never gone looking for.

When present-day artist, Isabel Joven, receives a mysterious vintage doll, she’s intrigued. But then sinister things begin to occur in her rambling farmhouse deep in rural Vermont. And Isabel begins to question every truth she’s ever believed.

Wow! This was a very intense read that gripped me from page one. First, the storyline was definitely compelling…especially how Choquette made connections to the past WWII time period. Telling this story from two different time periods and POV added an exciting element that kept me page turning!

When Isa received the vintage doll in the mail with no explanation, I knew that the doll had a deep history and the reason for her receiving it was going to be revealed. Then, flashing back to when Etta received the doll as a gift from her soldier fiancé, unraveled many creepy secrets that will stay with me long after I’ve finished the book.

At first, I thought the sinister things that began happening to both Etta and Isa would turn into a kind of poltergeist sort of storyline but it did not at all. The fact is, the secrets the doll held about what some endured during that time period wasn’t at all unrealistic.

The beauty of this book is that it took some very real historical facts and entwined them with some thrilling plot twists that in the end made for a very awesome story.

Thank you J.P. Choquette for a review copy of your book and I look forward to reading more of your work! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

J.P. Choquette writes novels that turn pages, not stomachs. She has published several full-length suspense novels, a number of short stories and hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and trade publications during her writing career. She is (in order): an imperfect Christian, a wife, mother, writer and collector of odd bits of trivia and weird facts.

Since she was old enough to create “books” with staples and crayons, Choquette has been an avid writer and voracious reader. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Choquette is constantly fascinated by human behavior.

A lover of Gothic books and movies, Choquette enjoys reading, spending time in old cemeteries, visiting junk shops and drinking hot beverages…just not all at the same time. Learn more by visiting http://www.jpchoquette.net.

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