Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh ~ Publication Day 11-14-18 @Valeriekoegh1 @Bookouture

How safe are your secrets?

One letter a week for fifteen years. A neat pile of identical white envelopes brimming with my sister’s darkest secrets. All the intimate details of a life as different to mine as could possibly be.

I read each letter slowly to make sure I understand it perfectly, one day very soon it will be a matter of life and death…

At the end of each letter, after signing her name, there is always one final sentence:

Don’t forget to burn this letter.

I’ll let you decide if I do…

A huge fast paced eerie start to this book kept me turning pages furiously. Valerie Koegh did a great job creating memorable characters that draw you in and coerce you to support and empathize with their plights.

It’s difficult not to empathize with Ellie. A successful, determined, career minded woman with her life seemingly under control finds out that she is not able to bare children…one thing not in her control. But the reason she isn’t able to have children will be a shock factor so I’ll leave that for you to read and find out…

Meanwhile, Ellie’s husband is a loyal hardworking man who loves his wife dearly and is devastated but supportive of their currently childless situation. It’s difficult not to be a fan of his too. Until… (I’ll let you figure that one out too…)

THEN…. there’s Tia, Ellie’s twin who was left to grown up in a home for the “differently abled” for her entire life. She never once had a visit from her sister Ellie. (Even though Ellie wrote her letters each week). The reason for Ellie’s resistance in having a relationship with her sister??? Well… I’ll also leave that one for you to read and determine as well!

Life comes to a haltingly unexpected stop as they all know it when Tia’s group home closes down for good. Ellie is her legal guardian. (You can put two and together there!)

After this cast of characters lives crash together like a freight train out of control, you won’t believe what secrets they share! You won’t believe how they choose to harbor them, handle them, and keep them!

If I’m completely honest, I’ve read mixed reviews about this book. I am SO glad I went with my gut instinct and dove in! The story was fast, creepy, and riveting. If you’re looking for a quick read that will have you engrossed for hours… this is it!

Valerie Keogh is a qualified nurse with a BA in English and an MA in American Literature. She qualified as a nurse but nowadays writes full-time. She has written two different series.

The Hudson and Connolly series is based in Falmouth, UK. Nicola Connolly is a serial killer. When circumstances lead her to help the police it is the beginning of an unlikely relationship.

There are currently four novels in the Hudson and Connolly series.

Her other series, The Garda West series is set in Dublin, Ireland, where Garda Sergeant Mike West battles a series of crimes. There are also four novels in this series.

Ms Keogh has also written a stand-alone novel, Exit Five from Charing Cross, a story of ambition, greed and thwarted love.

In March 2018, Ms Keogh signed a two book contract with the publisher, Bookouture. Her first novel for them, a psychological thriller, Secrets Between Us, was published on November 14th.

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