Love You Gone by Rona Halsall ~ Publication Day 11-15-18 @RonaHalsallAuth @Bookouture

‘Hello? Police? My husband and our children… they’re gone.’

When Mel arrives at the holiday cottage in the Lake District, she expects to find the heating on and her husband Luke and the two children waiting for her. Maybe a bottle of wine open…

Instead, there is just a note on the side, saying they’ve gone out for a walk.

But they aren’t back several hours later, and Mel knows something is wrong. Really wrong. When a search doesn’t find them, she has to confess to the police that her marriage isn’t all that it seems.

Even if that risks her own secrets being revealed…

I finished this book in three sittings. If there were ever a book you found caught your breath as you gasped in disbelief… this is it. I definitely applaud Rona Halsall for a crazy plot, twisted characters, and an unveiling of events that will be sure to make you feel like you’ve stepped off a rollercoaster!

Each turn of the chapter revealed a new twist. I love how Rona Halsall told seemingly parallel stories of a man and his kids finding the perfect woman, a new beginning, and how she fits into the family unit splendidly. But Mel has secrets…

The secrets don’t stop with Mel… Luke and his family also harbor many secrets of their own! How will his secrets haunt him? How will the stories Mel tells grow her web of lies and create a tangle of secrets that will eventually reveal the real truth? How she makes all the pieces fit together is brilliant! Oh and the epilogue!!!!! Omg…

I never expected some of the twisted events and loved how they were revealed at just the right time. We are excited to read more of Rona Halsall’s work! Thank you to Rona, Bookouture, and Netgalley for this review copy of “Love You Gone” in exchange for an honest review.

Rona’s debut psychological thriller, Keep You Safe was released in August and her second novel, Love you Gone will be out on 15th November 2018. She lives on the Isle of Man with her husband, two dogs and three guinea pigs and has been a bookworm since she was a child – now she’s actually creating stories of her own it feels like a dream come true.

She is an outdoorsy person and loves stomping up a mountain, walking the coastal paths and exploring the wonderful beaches on the Island while she’s plotting how to kill off her next victim.

She has three children and two step-children who are now grown up and leading varied and interesting lives, which provides plenty of ideas for new stories!

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