The Party by Robyn Harding Publication Day 11-28-17 ~ @rhardingwriter

One invitation. A lifetime of regrets. 

Sweet sixteen. It’s an exciting coming-of-age, a milestone, and a rite of passage. Jeff and Kim Sanders plan on throwing a party for their daughter, Hannah—a sweet girl with good grades and nice friends. Rather than an extravagant, indulgent affair, they invite four girls over for pizza, cake, movies, and a sleepover. What could possibly go wrong? 

But things do go wrong, horrifically so, and Jeff and Kim’s flawless life in a wealthy San Francisco suburb suddenly begins to come apart. In the ugly aftermath, friends become enemies, dark secrets are revealed in the Sanders’ marriage, and the truth about their perfect daughter is exposed. 

Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies, this is a white-knuckled and “riveting tale that is impossible to put down” (Bill Clegg, New York Times bestselling author of Did You Ever Have a Family).

A FANTASTIC book by a talented author! This is a win win for anyone reading this book because the characters and the circumstances are so relatable.

For example, as a mother of teenagers, it seems like a realistic plot… girl turns 16, friends come with booze and drugs, someone gets hurt, parents are sued.

Girl gets hurt-badly at a party. Her mother is fuming mad that the birthday girl’s parents had drugs under their roof. Injured girl gets bullied for disfigurement. Everyone hates her because her mom is suing.

Birthday girl agrees to alcohol and drugs even though she isn’t comfortable doing it. It’s a classic “wants to be popular” scenario. Mixed messages from her father who gave the girls champagne to celebrate, doesn’t help.

Birthday girl has a “friend” at the party who seems very sketchy and holds the secret about dad giving champagne over dads head. Lies lead to more lies.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse…

It does!

You must read to find out what happens! Highly recommend!

Robyn Harding’s novels include  The Party, Her Pretty Face, and The Arrangement, and she has written and executive produced an independent film. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and two children.

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