The Vanishing Season by: Dot Hutchison (The Collector Series #4)



A recent abduction becomes an unexpected link to a decades-long spree of unspeakable crimes.

Eight-year-old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing. And as accustomed as FBI agents Eliza Sterling and Brandon Eddison are to such harrowing cases, this one has struck a nerve. It marks the anniversary of the disappearance of Eddison’s own little sister. Disturbing, too, is the girl’s resemblance to Eliza—so uncanny they could be mother and daughter.

With Eddison’s unsettled past rising again with rage and pain, Eliza is determined to solve this case at any cost. But the closer she looks, the more reluctant she is to divulge to her increasingly shaken partner what she finds. Brooklyn isn’t the only girl of her exact description to go missing. She’s just the latest in a frightening pattern going back decades in cities throughout the entire country.

In a race against time, Eliza’s determined to bring Brooklyn home and somehow find the link to the cold case that has haunted Eddison—and the entire Crimes Against Children team—since its inception.


Dot Hutchison’s Collector Series is one I have absolutely loved and couldn’t put down since the very first book (The Butterfly Garden). They are dark, twisted, but empowering and uplifting. 

The Vanishing Season wasn’t any different in that way. It was everything I have come to expect from this series. The family that has been created through this series comes back again in this book. The Vanishing Season felt like the end so many things are tied up and resolved. So many answers tied into the dark story we have come to love from Dot Hutchison. This like the rest of the series is a must read that I couldn’t stop reading until the last page. 

I’m sad to see a series this great end but The Vanishing Season was a great way to say goodbye. I’m so glad I own this series, it will be one I will read again and again.






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